It’s been almost a year! Let’s eat.

Who says it better than a spud? 

So, after almost a year I’m still cooking, still eating, and still happy to share the foods that make me the happiest. I’m just a little tight on time to do what needs to be done to share these delicious things on the online. I still feel terribly accomplished when I do in fact finish making, eating, and cleaning up three meals a day, so if I get to share them, that’s just a bonus. So let’s get ready for some boni!

For now I am just going to share what I’ve got planned out for this week on the dinner table, and then I hope to share how I like them each, because they are all new-to-me recipes. (I am SUCH a sucker for new recipes! I can’t help it!)

This week I guess is turning out to be “The Week Of The Soup, ”

  • Fisherman’s Soup from Cookin’ Canuck. I don’t cook with fish a lot at all, which really doesn’t make sense, because I really like fish, and I know there are many health benefits to having fish in your regular diet. I hereby vow to make one fish dish a part of the weekly rotation. 
  • Slow Cooker Green Salsa Soup from Heather Likes Food. I found this because I was sent the recipe below (SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT ONE) and looked around for more recipes, because this girl clearly knows her food.
  • Crock-Pot Hawaiian Chicken Chili from Heather Likes Food. I ate this one time at a church event, and I thought about it constantly for a year after. I searched for recipes that would give me something similar, but I failed. THEN I ate it again, at the same event, a year later, and tackled the woman who had made it, and made her surrender the recipe! (Actually, she happily shared it (before I tackled her) but that’s not very dramatic) This soup really is SO great, and I am sure it will become a family favorite as soon as I make it. IF I let them eat it. 
  • Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup from Smashed Peas and Carrots – Ok, I don’t think I realized I was planning three crock-pot soups when I planned the meals for this week. Which is funny, because I am experiencing some”crockpot fatigue.” By which I mean that there have been SO many crock pot meals in my past year due to freeze-ahead meal planning (SAVED my life- glory glory hallelujah) that I’ve just really gotten tired of the texture the crockpot usually tosses out. But I made a plan, so I am sticking to it. Who knows, maybe it will rekindle my love for crock-pots.
  • One Pot Spanish Chicken and Potatoes from Pinch of Yum– This one I’m possibly most excited about. It just sounds like the most perfect meal for these lingering winter days, and Pinch of Yum has a crazy good track record for very tasty recipes. 

That’s it, I will share later how they turned out.

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