First I will tell you what this site is NOT:
Let’s face it. The internet is already an overwhelming treasure trove of recipe sites, magazines, and blogs. This is not yet another one of those.
You will not find posts here of step-by-step cooking instructions. As much as I love to cook and share my favorite recipes, I know for a fact that you do not need to see images of my raw chicken, and a cup of rice in a pan of water.

What this site IS:
I love to cook, I love to eat, I love to search for recipes, I love to feed my family, and I love to feed my friends. One of my favorite moments in life is when I hear “I love this. I need the recipe. Please. Now” That, and when my son says, “Are you going to make this when you open your restaurant ‘Dutchie’s Kitchen’? Because I think you should.” (I am not going to open a restaurant, but I will make that recipe AGAIN, many times). 

This is a place where I share the recipes I have already shared many times over, in addition to new favorites. Most will be straight from the source, some I will post with my adjustments too. 

In my house we mostly eat fresh, seasonal, and organic. One of us eats dairy and gluten free, so most of my adjusted recipes reflect that. We love meat in this house, but in moderation along with plenty of vegetarian grub.

Yes- I run ads on the blog. Not bothersome ads or placements, but hopefully ones that fit in and don’t ruin your experience here. I run them because ideally they will generate a little income, which will in turn help supplement our grocery bills. I have a crazy dream that one day it may actually pay for all of our groceries. Imagine that.

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